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Marketing is the core of all businesses, and this is what we really good in.

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We have a wide range of services and solutions that help all firms in their marketing duties, expanding their market share, targeting new audience, empower their activities, and much more.

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AVA Marketing Solutions binds together a comprehensive range of complete marketing services, both traditional and online. These services include strategic marketing consultancy, outsourced marketing provision, brand positioning and development, project and campaign management; marketing communications output and digital services such as website reviews, e-marketing and e-commerce, social media incorporation and search engine optimization.

There's a difference between an ad aimed at a target audience and a message that really speaks to you. One is easy to ignore, while the other can be hard to forget. Because one is just advertising, while the other is based on something real and true: an idea that resonates, that entertains, and that helps us see something familiar in an entirely new way. Ideas like that have the power to change everything.

We believe that each web solution we create will lead to our next contract. That is why we pay attention to every aspect of our provided solution. We have created a development framework that ensures the highest quality product. We believe that for our clients, websites must have high commercial value. A website must facilitate, improve, expand, or replace marketing and communications functions; otherwise it is simply a line on a business card.